Upcoming Games

Orbital Space

As the captain of a spacecraft in orbit around a planet, you must interact with other vessels in order to profit, make alliances and defend your ship, all while keeping track of the complexities of operating and maneuvering a spacecraft without damaging it or violently deorbiting. These complexities include managing your limited onboard resources, dealing with the planet and its moons blocking your line of sight and learning how to fly aggressively or evasively in an environment where a small maneuver can lead to a huge change in your orbit later on. To see some of these concepts in action, check out this demo.

Later versions (or sequel games) will open up a larger orbital system and the effects of relativity will start to play an important role….

Other Game Projects

One of our other projects, currently untitled, is a game in which you play as an astronaut travelling between planets. The spacecraft you travel in and the planets you land on will give you an exciting, disorienting chance to see what it’s like to go from pulling and pushing your way around in zero-g, swinging around in an artificial gravity centrifuge, standing in an accelerating spaceship and standing on the surface of a planet. Take a look at this demo to find out more.